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Adeiur America

Education | Empowerment | Elevation

Adeiur's programs are designed to uplift communities and empower individuals through meaningful initiatives and partnerships.

Our Wellness and Hygiene Bagging Event is where volunteers and donors come together to assemble care packages filled with essential hygiene and wellness items. These packages are then distributed to shelters and individuals experiencing homelessness, spreading compassion and dignity to those in need within our community. Together, we make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Our College Preparatory Program is where dedicated volunteers provide personalized support to students on their educational journey. From guiding through scholarship and college applications to offering scholarships to deserving students based on individual needs, we are committed to empowering every student's pursuit of higher education. Join us in shaping futures and unlocking academic potential!

In 2021, Adeiur proudly initiated our African partnerships, dedicated to supporting orphanages and schools across the continent with essential educational, housing, and food supplies. Through our impactful collaborations in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria, we strive to create a brighter, more secure future for the communities we serve. Join us in fostering positive change and uplifting lives together.

Past Programs

In response to COVID-19, Adeiur shifted our focus from primarily in-person programs to a hybrid virtual and social distance conscious environment.

This pageant is complimentary 12-week summer training experience, empowering adolescent girls with exposure to accomplished professionals, fostering self-esteem through tailored affirmations, and honing public speaking and presentation skills. Ahead of the pageant training, we host a guardian informational meeting to ensure transparency and involvement in the journey ahead.

The Sister Circle, is our esteemed mentor-mentee series held quarterly. Join us as seasoned professionals gather to champion women's empowerment by offering mentorship, unwavering support, and cultivating a profound sense of sisterhood with their mentees aged 11-17. Embrace the power of connection and guidance within our empowering community!

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