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Adeiur Africa

Education | Upliftment

At Adeiur, our commitment knows no bounds. Although we officially launched in the USA inn 2018, Since 2021, we have dedicated ourselves to tirelessly serving communities beyond borders, providing vital resources including food, housing, and educational supplies to nonprofit orphanages across the African continent. Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

The Countries We Have Served

Adeiur contacted the Children's Garden Home and spoke with the founder, Mr. Moses, to understand what the needs were. He mentioned that because of the current raining season, the temperatures are chiller than normal. This is especially important because the dorms where the children sleep have tattered and broken windows that do not protect the cold, mosquitoes, and rain from entering the children's room.  

Adeiur connected with the Hearts of Gold Children Hospice to learn about the organization and understand what their needs were. The organization emphasizes on the idea that every child deserves respect, unconditional love, and care, whether able or disabled. Therefore they provide shelter, resources, laughter, and emotional support to abandoned and young children with life limiting and life threatening conditions. This organization is the first and only children’s hospice and respite care facility in Nigeria.

Adeiur visited the Assalam Orphans Centre to understand what the orphanage's needs were. They mentioned that since the orphanage is 4 years in age, they are still structuring themselves to be more self sustaining. The orphanage houses 39 orphan children they all live in a rented house a few miles away from Stone Town, Zanzibar. Because of this, the organization found it difficult to plan the next meals for the children and cleaning supplies along with rent for the facility.

Our Clients

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