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About Us

Education | Empowerment | Elevation

Adeíur is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was launched in January of 2018 for adolescents (ages 6-17) in underrepresented areas. Based out of Houston, Texas, our organization focuses on education, empowerment, and elevation. Adeiur is derived from the Yoruba word, ‘Ade’ meaning crown, and the French word ‘Dieu’ meaning God. When the two words are combined, Adeiur is a term that symbolizes how we are ‘crown’s of God’ and should not only be seen as such, but also hold themselves to such regards.

Since our launch, Adeiur has expanded its reach beyond our initial focus on adolescent girls in underrepresented areas. We are proud to share that we have extended our support to orphanages and schools across the African continent, offering crucial assistance including educational support, housing, and essential food supplies. Our efforts have made a significant and sustainable impact on communities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria, aligning with our mission to uplift and empower individuals worldwide.

Meet The Team

At Adeiur, we are honored to be guided by a diverse and visionary leadership team, alongside a dedicated board of directors, shaping the inspiring vision of our organization.

Adeiur America Team

Adeiur Africa Team

Meet Our Board of Directors

Annual Impact Report

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